Brwn Drops New Album “Rendezvous”

Brwn has constantly worked on music that catches you on first listen along with some class lyricism. On April 4th, he released yet another album, “Rendezvous”.

Brwn features a wide array of fellow artists in his newest album made up of nine tracks: Eptend, Kimchidope, Wonjaewonjae, Oceanfromtheblue, Kembetwa, Siggie feb and Basick. He made all the songs available for streaming on his Youtube channel so there is no reason for you to miss out.


1. Blue face (feat. Eptend)
2. Scar 5
3. 예뻐 (feat. kimchidope, wonjaewonjae)
4. Love (feat. oceanfromtheblue)
5. 지구 (feat. Kembetwa)
6. 063-031 (feat. Siggie feb)
7. rendezvous (feat. Basick)
8. Auto love (feat. Siggie feb)
9. 다르게 상상해


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