K-INDIE : 놀이도감 Release His First EP “Playbook”

Released on March 7th, “Playbook” is the first solo EP of the singer-songwriter and guitarist 놀이도감 aka Kim Minsu, who is also a member of the band Silica Gel.

Being with a band meant a life with a group of friends but the “Playbook” introduces various images and messages based on Kim MInsu’s memories and life working alone, one that suits him more. He did most of the work for his EP such as arranging, playing, recording, mixing and mastering. This makes him stand out as both the singer and songwriter for all 6 tracks.

The lead track features another solo artist that has captured our ears recently, Samui. He added a thickness to the song with Kim’s delicate guitar solo. As a whole the EP creates and presents a magnificent landscape despite the narrow space. Another piece of amazing facts is that the album will be made available on a cassette tape, that even the artwork created by Lee Gyuchan to fit it perfectly.

1. 축제
2. 무슨 일
3. 환각 (feat. 사뮈 )
4. 9평 남짓한 공간
5. Intro (for 충훈부)
6. 충훈부

Kim Minsu is said to be considering working with other musicians but he is currently in the army and any follow-up project is pushed back until the end of his enlistment.


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