K-INDIE : PIA Officially Disbands After 21 Years

You can never deny the impact South Korean rock bands has had through the years, especially with the fact that they tend to make music much longer than your regular KPOP idols. And you can only imagine the sadness when a band announces its disbandment. Korean rock band PIA has announced on February 27th through their official fancafe that the band has ultimately decided to disband after 21 years, with their last performance scheduled in the fall of this year.

PIA was formed in 1998 but made their official debut in 2001 with a regular album after winning in KBS2’s “TOP Band 2” competition. Their members are Heullang Lee (guitar), Kim Kibum (bass), Ok Yohan (lead vocals), Noh Simz (fx, keyboard)and Yang Hyeseung (drums). They were signed soon enough to Seo Taiji Company and left in 2011.

The band originally created nu metal and hardcore music but their style has significantly changed through the years and their seven albums. They’ve explored alternative metal, emo core, garage rock and more. But currently, they are considered as an alternative rock and electronic rock band, becoming softer and more melodic.

PIA is considered as one of South Korea’s best rock bands in he same level as Crying Nut, Jaurim, NELL and more. They have collaborated with a lot of names in the Khiphop scene including Lee Seunghwan, Zico, Deepflow, Nucksal, Tablo and more.

We only have been listening to them since 2012 and were always awed at the level of talent and musicality that they have. And we will still get to experience their stages as they are scheduled to perform at the 2019 Greenplugged Festival coming this May.


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