Yumdda Releases New Album “살아숨셔2”

Yumdda has just come back with his third album “살아숨셔2” following his second one “MINA” released back in July of 2017.

The new album boasts of Yumdda producing all of the tracks. He features artists such as Bassagong, Don Mills, Coogie, Uneducated Kid, Futuristic Swaver and Chaboom. The track “친구의 친구를 사랑헸네” and “비행” (featuring Futuristic Swaver were released earlier through his Soundcloud channel.

The album is now made available on all major music portals for streaming and purchase!


1. 더 높이
2. Zoom
3. 어디야 (ft. Bassagong, Don Mills, Coogie)
4. The world is mine (ft. Uneducated Kid)
5. 비행 (ft. Futuristic Swaver)
6. 친구의 친구를 사랑헸네
7. 사랑이 아니야 필요할 뿐이야
8. 아스피린 (ft. 양성)
9. 운수 없는날
10. Pow pow (ft. Chaboom)
11. 밑바닥 에서 여기까지
12. Yaya freestyle
13. 없던 것처럼


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