TheLoyalist : 2018 Picks by TKL Cessa

With tons of songs released in 2018, it is really hard to choose the top ones. If TKL Sha shared her list made up of RnB tracks, check out TKL Cessa’s best picks for 2018 that are mostly hiphop.

“I’m Sick” – Balming Tiger

Balming Tiger has blown 2018 away for sure, bothering us with their music videos, but showing us what their music is like. “I’m Sick” was ambitiously fun and catchy, thanks to Yu Byungun’s witty lyrics.

“flex” – Giriboi, Swings, NOEL, Kid Milli

If “Iffy” was 2017’s bitch, “flex” was 2018’s. And we’re sure you danced to this.

“119 Remix” – GRAY ft. Everyone

Yeah. The 119 team at SMTM 777 did this track justice. But this remix version? It had practically everyone we could’ve thought of rapping to a bar. IT. IS. THAT. SONG.

“IndiGO!” – Indigo Music

Indigo Music may just be the hottest label this year, supporting it with a collaboration album by all of its members. “IndiGO!” is practically their label anthem.

“Me No Jay Park” – Simon D

We all know what it feels like when someone resigns or steps down from their job. That’s normal. But ever heard of anyone resigning and announcing it through a song? Well, Simon D did just that. And he really went hard.

“Soju” – Jay Park

As happy as we are for Jay Park finally stepping on the American music scene, we were more happy that he introduced a traditional alcoholic beverage to the West through this lit song.

“Dante’s Creek” (deanfluenza remix) – THEY

We were only hoping for a remix, a rearrangement of this already awesome song. But we got DEAN remixing, and singing it! What else should we need?


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