Junoflo Drops First Album “Statues”

Junoflo is that man that continues to show his colors and trendy style. Today, after much waiting, he finally releases his first album “Statues”.

The rapper dwells in thoughts of how statues represent not only the longevity of its life, but also the process of creating it with art, love, tims, and inspiration. The 12 tracks included in Junoflo’s first album tackle these stories in a variety of sounds, refined yet experimental.

The title track “Statues” came out with a music video, and the pre-released track “Autopilot” featuring BoA is also included.

Rapper G2, singer Bibi and DJ Zo are also featured in other tracks. The song “식구 (La Familia)” was also a pre-released track in 2018 and the rapper revealed that the voice sampling included is of his mother’s.


1. Icarus
2. Statues
3. 스포티지 (Sportage ’07)
4. Autopilot (ft. BoA)
5. Monday Blues (ft. G2)
6. Yung Luchini/BIBI Interlude
7. Ausgang (Exit) (ft. DJ Zo)
8. Palm Trees
9. Clichè5f
10. Fools Gold
11. 식구 (La Familia)
12. Curtain Call (Outro)


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