TheLoyalist : 2018 Picks by TKL Sha

The year 2018 was full of amazing releases. We’re counting down the best based on our team’s choices. Here we go with TKL Sha’s favorite songs released this year and definitely stuck with her until now.

“Lay Your Head On Me” – Crush

This song was released as part of Crush’s introduction to the US market. I appreciate it so much for being a song fit for anyone in your life, may it be a loved one or your best friends.

“Dayfly” – Dean ft. Sulli, Rad Museum

We’ve been getting less new material from Dean for the past years. But “Dayfly” was such an eargasm and a teaser to his upcoming album “130Mood: RVNG”. We just hope he release the full music video soon though.

“Dank” – Jay Park

Jay Park never disappoints. And this song is worth the listen. We hope he releases the music video to this too!

“Art of War” – Juneone

Thanks to TKL Cessa, I was introduced to Juneone and his band Glen Check. This song was part of the annual Greenplugged 숨 compilation album. And yes. That voice!

“Velvet Goldmine” – Glen Check

It’s just beautiful! And we know this is also one of TKL Cessa’s favorite songs this year so you all better give it a listen and support Glen Check with their planned comeback this 2019.

“Remember” – Katie

Despite leaving YG, Katie is doing really well for herself. Remember is quite enchanting. And that music video?! KHH heaven for sure!

“Million” – MOON ft. DoK2

The first time I heard this song, I was blown away! I was immediately a fan. Pretty amazing for a debut song comibg from a female artist. We hope for more songs soon!


Planetarium Records is a goldmine of young artists. Their collaboration song “IGOHOLIC” was just that song!

“Cold View” – SAAY

SAAY’s album “CLAASSIC” was released with a ton of songs she’s been preparing for about 2 years. She’s been able to perform in front of crowds and we were lucky to have seen her in Manila last November performing this very song for the first time live! This is my favorite song of hers.


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