Red Bull Korea Release Seoul Sori Compilation Album

Red Bull Korea hosted their annual music camp last September with some of the best DJs and producers as its participants. In accordance to their last Seoul Sori open exhibit that happened from December 28th to January 3rd, they released two compilation albums.

The participating producers this year were DJ Soulscape, Choice37, Peejay, FRNK, Zayvo, Lionclad, Yangyang, SIMO, Akimbo and IOAH. Concentrating on creating sounds from traditional Korean music, the producers made mission tracks by team which was compiled into the first EP made available through Soundcloud.

Lionclad, Simo and IOAH worked together for the track “서울의 소리” where Simo also did the vocal parts. FRNK, Yangyang and Choice37 worked together for “갱소리 (Gangsori)” which features the rapper Kim Ximya. Veteran DJ and producer Soulscape and Peejay worked together with the rookie Zayvo for the track “효 HYO”.

Subsequently, on December 28th, the Red Bull Music Seoul Sori compilation album was released made up of tracks created by each participant. Other than the producers, artists Simin, Jibin, Supreme Boi, Malmiking and Kim Ximya also gave their voices to the tracks.


1. 만신 – FRNK
2. 빙글빙글 (ft. Sumin) – IOAH
3. 에너지 – Zayvo
4. 소울소리 – Peejay
5. 매화 – Yangyang
6. 칙칙 폭폭 (ft. Jibin, Supreme Boi, Malmiking) – SIMO
7. Telly (ft. Kim Ximya) – Lionclad
8. 지리산 브리즈 – Akimbo

The album is made available on all major music portals for streaming and purchase.


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