New Year Headlines: Takeone, Zico, John OFA Rhee, SeSoNeon and more

Takeone leaves Grandline

After being with Grandline Entertainment who helped Takeone carve his place in the scene for 6 years, the rapper took to his Instagram to announce that he has now left. It seems they parted with good terms and is pursuing an independent life in terms of his career.

Poy Muzeum wins OPEN MIC SWG

MIC SWG has been veturing into different types of platforms for artists. But for the most followed one, MIC SWG opened a contest where rookie rappers joined an “open mic” session and whoever wins would be featured on the main channel. The winner? Poy Muzeum. And just in time for his new single, too.

Tommy Strate left Cozyboys

Cozyboys is definitely a crew to be reckoned with, considering Kid Milli’s new found fame through SMTM777. So it was surprising to hear the news that rapper and producer Tommy Strate decided to leave the crew. It seems they all still have a good relationship though. We’re excited for Tommy Strate’s future especially as a producer.

Zico Opens Up His Own Label

Ast year, news came out that rapper Zico has left Seven Seasons and his idol group Block B. Today, news came out that he has set up a one-man agency called “KOZ” or King of the Zungle, the same name as his 2017 solo concert tour. The rapper is now scouting for an office. We only hope for the best for Zico and his career!

OFA Amid Dating Scandal

We couldn’t miss out on the K-Indie stuff as well. And greeting the new year was news of singer John OFA Rhee being in the middle of a dating scandal where it is said that he has been dating a fan of his, despite having a girlfriend of his own. This scandal brought up Happy Robot Records (his label) to decide to cancel all his expected performances for their annual MPMG week events. The singer took to his Instagram to apologize to his fans.

Last SeSoNeon Concert

SeSoNeon welcomed 2018 with a bang after becoming the best rookie of 2017. However, in December, the band announced that they would be having the last concert with the original members as Fanxy and Kangto are expected to enlist this year. This leaves SoYoon to finish their album on her own and help from their label BGBG Records.


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