TheLoyalist: Meet Our New Teammate, Sha!

Through the years, The KHOP Loyalist has always worked alone. TKL Cessa has always managed the blog and social media accounts all on her own. We don’t complain, but there are tasks where we need help. During the DEAN x SAAY concert in Manila, our first ever media gig representing the blog, we needed help in taking photos. And here comes the part where we introduce TKL Sha who stepped up to be our photographer.

We met Sha in 2016 at a KPOP event in Manila through a common friend, Niknik. Since then, we have become good friends and supporters of each other.

Sha is based in Manila and is also a Korean hiphop fan. From being a normal Monsta X fan, she has ventured into becoming a fanbase admin (just like us) for one of her favorite crews YELOWSMOB. She is also a staff member of DEAN PH (which we also are a part of) as an events team member.

Sha’s favorite crews are Club Eskimo, AOMG, Yelowsmob, Fanxychild, and DPR. She loves listening to songs from Babylon, Dean, Hoody, SAAY, Miso, MOON and Jay Park. And when she’s not too busy with trying to finish university with flying colors, she plays volleyball, browses through social media, hoards the screen at karaoke days, and listens to good music.

With TKL Sha, we wish and look forward to more great artists and good music to conquer the scene. Here’s to more activities together.

You can follow TKL Sha on her social media.

Twitter :
Instagram :


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