DEAN x SAAY Fire Up Manila in Joint Concert

On November 10th, South Korean RnB singer DEAN came back to Manila for his second show with SAAY, performing for his fans who missed him.

Early in the day, Dean’s fans (call as Rebels) have already gathered near the New Frontier Theather where the concert was held. Knowing that it was his birthday as well, they prepare something special for him, from banners to balloons, and a birthday cake.

By 5pm, the fans started filling up the theater. The VVIP ticket holders were front and center of the hall, and had a meet and greet session with both Dean and SAAY. The concert didn’t sell out, but the concert producers, MCA Music, were amazing to let the fans from the Balcony and Loge area choose to move down to the standing area.

The concert started with a short mix set by DJ Eunsol, a resident DJ of club SOAP in Seoul. The singer started her set singing the tracks off her debut album “CLAASSIC” released this year including “Over The Horizon”, “Run”, “Quiet Down”, “Love Drop” and more.

SAAY announced that she changed her usual setlist only for the Manila crowd. It was also the first time that she performed her single “Circle” for an audience. This is her first time in Manila and the crowd was immediately drawn into her through every song.

DJ and producer Re:one opened up Dean’s set with a chill, house set, adding Dean’s newest single “dayfly” in it before he stepped on stage. Dean announced that for the last three days before the concert, he has been struggling with a cold and promised his Rebels that he would do his best to perform. He definitely did not disappoint.

He started with his song “Put My Hands On You” followed by his verses on “Fanxychild”, a track off of ZICO’s album “Television”. Before performing his track “Instagram”, the Philippine Rebels threw up their banners that said “Happy BirthDean” (the official fan hashtag for his birthday) and sang for him. This made him emotional and while singing, spent a while silent and emotional.

Dean performed other songs out of his first EP 130Mood: TRBL including “어때” and “21”. During “D(Half Moon)”, the crowd opened their camera lights and made Dean shine bright despite all the hall and stage lights turned off. It was magical!

The crowd continued to hype up with his last songs “I’m Not Sorry” and “Bermuda Triangle”.

This is the second time Dean has been in Manila for a show. Just as how special the first one was for the Philippine fans, this concert was yet another memorable one not only for the fans, but also for Dean, for sure. Despite having health issues, he still performed at his best and gave the crowd a memory to hold for another long time until he visits again. He even posted a message especially for Manila Rebels.

When the show ended, fans even got a glimpse of him in his van as they drove off. He continuously bowed to the fans, waved to them, thanked them, and gave them high fives. A certain group of fans were even able to give him a banner where their birthday wishes were written on. We hope he read them and felt the fans’ immense love.

MCA Music has always had issues with fans from way back. But this year, it seems like things have changed. We experienced a more organized event and even more generous. There were numerous giveaways and bundle offers for more fans to have the chance to see the concert. And of course, when the Balcony/Loge area ticket holders were given the chance to come down the VIP Standing Area? That was so cool. So for that, we give them, a perfect score.

THE ARTIST : 120/10 !
SAAY has had years of training and even more years as a performing artist. And all that showed on stage when she came out. We can’t say that there are a lot of fans of SAAY here (unless we take into consideration how SAAY’s gift box at the lobby had more gifts in it compared to Dean’s), but she did her best to keep everyone glued to her.

And of course, Dean. It’s hard to perform when you’re sick. But Dean still did it. And he did it so wonderfully.

THE FANS : 10/10
We have been part of the Rebel family ever since they started and time after time, we’ve seen how united and loving the fans are, not just to Dean, but to each other. If you ask us our reason for continually being present at shows like this, half of our reason is because of the artist, and the other half is for our fellow fans. You can definitely feel the love and support from everyone.

And of course, when Dean came out, the fans made sure that they made Dean feel happy and loved. If Dean can’t sing, they sang for him. If he cried, they cheered him on.

The first time Dean came to Manila in 2016 was a very memorable encounter for his fans. There was something so intimate about that day that a lot of Rebels hold on to its memory so much.

This time around, Dean is already a big name, doing shows everywhere in the world and an album everyone is excited for. He could have chosen a different event for his birthday, maybe just stay at home or go clubbing in Seoul. But he decided to celebrate it with his fans in Manila. And you could see that this day really just wasn’t for him to entertain people, but for fans to actually make him feel like he’s the best in the world. And it worked. And it was magical. And I guess that’s why it was so special.

And whether you agree or not, we believe Dean’s favorite Rebels are in Manila. And yes, we’re part of it! 😊❤

Thank you to DEAN PH for always being one of the best fanbases we are art of. Thank you MCA Music for giving The KHOP Loyalist the opportunity to cover the event. Thank you DEAN, SAAY, Eunsol and Re:one for making it a memorbale night!

Watch more of our videos and photos here.


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