K-INDIE : PONY Comes Back With New Album “The Pacific Ocean”

Korean indie band PONY is no rookie in the scene. They debuted back in 2008 with a single and straight away followed it with their first album. Their next release was 3 years after with “Little Another 3 years after, they released their second album “I Do Not Want To Open The Window To The Outside World”.

Yesterday, after 3 years, they released their 3rd album “The Pacific Ocean” and showcases an upgraded version of themselves. In terms of fashion and image, PONY has also upgraded their looks, that some fans have started to call them a hiphop boy band (not gonna deny that).

The band is made up of Yu Seungbo (bass), Sojeso (guitar) and Choi Sangmin (vocal). Compared to their debut, the band has showed change with their music, starting off with rock music. In their last releases, PONY has showcased music leaning towards lofi, psychedelic, neo and crackbit.

Their new album is made up of 7 tracks and creates a landscape rather than just afeeling of space. Just like the album title, every track is as though you’re walking on waters, amazingly portrayed by the electronic sounds mixed with organic sounds produced by the band members themselves.

The title track “Red Lines” features some vocals from the indie singer Fromm.


1. 태평양
2. Your Night Is Too Long
3. Red Lines
4. Here Comes The Sun
5. 태평양 #2
6. Kyoto
7. 태평양 #3


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