A Trip Down Memory Lane with Epik High While in YG

At the start of October, we were welcomed with the news that Epik High has decided not to renew their contract with YG Entertainment. This means that their 7-year relationship has ended and that they would move on to new opportunities.

Tablo first signed to YG, the only label that had the faith in him despite the scandals he went through before. Shortly after his members followed and it was the start of a very successful journey for all of them.

Let’s go through some of the most exhilirating memories Epik High made while in YG.


Tablo started with YG in 2011. Prior to joining, Tablo has worked on solo material namely his collaborative EP with producer Pe2ny “Eternal Morning”. However, his 2-part EP “Fever’s End” was a bigger feat for him and was a door for YG listeners to be introduced to more indie musicians as Tablo collaborated with Naul, NELL’s Jongwan, Lee Sora, Bong Taegyu and Mad Soul Child’s Jinsil.


YG Entertainment is known as a home to artists who treat each other as family. Epik High joining the label meant they were added into this family, and gave them more opportunities to work with their fellow YG artists, on stage or not.


Epik High came back in 2012 with their 7th album that spoke with so much positivity and courage. Two years after, they released their 8th album “Shoebox”, a testament to why they are one of the top Korean hiphop acts in this era.

In 2017, they released their last album under YG, “We’ve Done Something Wonderful”. They described this album as one that would touch the hearts of those in their 30’s.


Epik High has toured America before. In 2015, after the release of their 7th album, Epik High toured almost all over the world. And included in their stops was their performance at the SXSW.


Coachella is a much awaited festival in America where some of the most popular musicians and artists get to perform. Epik High was able to be the first ever Korean group (second as a Korean act) to perform at Coachella in 2016.


Epik High doesn’t appear on TV shows so much but what they did to compensate for their fans are radio shows. Tablo started with his Dreaming Radio and it’s amazing to know that he did his best to invite less popular artists on his show, and of course, including his fellow Korean hiphop artists. Mithra Jin also hosted his own radio show “Opening Night” when Tablo ended his.


Tablo appeared in Show Me The Money as a judge for the 4th season along with Jinusean. The songs they produced became chart toppers and it also became a way for Tablo to recruit people into his then baby label, HIGHGRND.


Through Tablo, an independent sublabel was formed under YG with his leadership. He scouted for amazing and talented musicians, whether rappers, producers, bands or singers. Mithra and Tukutz aided Tablo in the label’s management and with just 2 years, gained so much in terms of attention, musical endeavors and awards. Sadly, the label had to come to an end, eventually merging with YGX.


Being with YG gave Epik High opportunities to collaborate with a lot of artists in South Korea, even K-indie acts. They were also able to collaborate with one of their favorite Japanese bands, Sekai No Owari (End of the World) for the sweet and lovely song “Sleeping Beauty”. Prior to this Tablo was also able to collaborate with Americn artists Joey Bada$$ and Gallant.

Epik High has stated multiple times in their interviews how creating new material is becoming harder for them, taking into consideration that all of their members are now heeads of their own families. With their move out of YG, we believe it will be seldom to see them publicly, but we know that they will never stop making music. They have recently just revived their website (www.epikhigh.com) so we wish that soon enough, they would have good news for their fans.


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