FFQ : Bravo

RnB singer Bravo has been making waves since he released his first EP “HI”. But through his colaboration with Somdef, he’s now gaining a wider following. With his new single “Sunny” out now, and before Somdef releases his EP with a track featuring him, we got to talk with Bravo and learn more about him.

TKL : Tell us about how and when you became a singer.

BRAVO : When I was 15, I was going through a bad and sad time, thinking about my future and life. But one day, I listened to Zion.T’s “YangHwa Bridge” by chance. At that moment, I was really shocked and deeply moved (by the song), so I decided to make music, to give energy and inspiration to others as well.

TKL : Why did you choose “Bravo” as your screen name?

BRAVO : Hmm… I was worried amd thought hard about my nickname but one day, my friend suggested “Bravo!!!” so that moment I decided that would be my name. Haha!

TKL : How was working with Somdef and Loco for the song “One Plus One”? Was there some advice or knowledge you picked up during the collaboration?

BRAVO : It was super fun and it was amazing for me because I’m a big fan of Somdef and Loco. When I was working on the lyrics and the melody lines, Somdef gave me a lot of advice so everything went smoothly and it was really good. It was really good times.

TKL : What do you usually do in your free time?

BRAVO : I listen to music or watch movies or Netflix, or sometimes meet my friends.

TKL : Who are your top five (5) favorite Korean singers? Why?

BRAVO : Somdef, Hyukoh, Carthegarden, Danny Roots and George. There’s no special reason. I just like their vibes and I think they are unique than other singers.

TKL : And lastly, do you have a message to your fans and our readers?

BRAVO : I really wanna say thank you to Cessa (The KHOP Loyalist) for interviewing me. It was fun! And to listeners, I’m making my solo album these days so I hope you guys enjoy it. Maybe I would be able to release it next month. Love you everybody! Have a good life and have a happy day! Thank you !

You can follow Bravo and be updated with his activities:

Instagram : @bravohigh

Soundcloud : @bravohigh


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