K-INDIE : Echae en Route Comes Back with New Album

Bass guitar player Kwon Ohkyung and Violinist Echae Kang first collaborated in 2015 for the album “Madeline” made up of 6 tracks. The two have then braced the music industry in soulful, jazz and classical music. Shortly after their activities as Echae en Route, the two have moved on to individual activities.

Echae Kang continued as a solo artists and have succesfully released three albums “Radical Paradise”, “Gipsy Cinema” and “HITCH”. Kwon Ohkyung joined the band The Solutions, whose music is concentrated in pop-rock and was involved in two of their albums and shows.

After two and a half years, the two are back together for their second album “Echae en Route”. Some of the tracks have been performed live during the promotions for their 2016 single “Night Drive”.

It sis now made available on all major music portals for purchase. We are also expecting a music video to the lead track “체크 우산” soon.


1. 배아트리체 루소
2. 새벽
3. 체크 우산
4. 길어 통이
5. Night Drive
6. She Let Me Go
7. Walkie-Talkie-


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