Following the release of his newest EP “Resilience”, the KHOP Loyalist had the chance to speak to DJ and producer SINQMIN to talk about the EP and himself. Check it out below!

TKL : How and why did you start being a DJ?

SINQMIN : When I was young, in 2008, I watched ‘Justice’ Live Performance. I focused on electronic music culture and I started then.

TKL : What usually inspires you to create music? How do you start working on a track?

SINQMIN : What inspires me is my life. I look around and at my life, and movies. I do this for 3 to 6 months. Once all these inspirations are collected, I then start the work.

TKL : You recently released your EP “Resilience”. Which track is your favorite? Why?

SINQMIN : “Wake Up” and “2020” are my favorites. Because I like Techno and rap music, I wanted to combine them on these tracks and I loved it.

TKL: Which artists do you wish to collaborate with in the future?

SINQMIN : Mckdaddy and Jvcki Wai, because my favorite rappers in this area.

TKL : You already worked with Mckdaddy and Jvcki Wai. How is the experience working with each of them?

SINQMIN : Working with these guys has a different feeling compared with other Korean rappers and I really love that.

TKL : What songs/artists have you been listening to lately?


TKL : And lastly, do you have a message to your fans and our readers?

SINQMIN : I hope you show love for my new album and I will release new single this year. So stay tuned. Thank you all my fans. 💜

You can follow SINQMIN here:

Facebook : www.facebook.com/sinqmin
Instagram : www.instagram.com/sinqmin
Soundcloud : www.soundcloud.com/sinqmin/


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