K-INDIE : New Singles from Goonam, Nightoff and Sejin

There are a lot of Korean Indie releases lined up through the month and we can’t keep up. But today, we have three musicians you definitely need to check out as both their music and future activities are exciting. And also because we’re loving the connections they have with KHH!


Band Goonam is preparing for their 4th album release “Moraenae Fantasy”. Yesterday, they pre-released the track “여름밤” with a music video for you to check. The 7 minute song is a feast in music and vocals we haven’t heard of before.

Goonam is made up of members Yoo Juhyun (유주현), Naeon (나언) and Johung (조훙), who is signed with Beasts And Natives Alike. Is it possible the whole band is with them already? We think so!


Nightoff is a new two-member band created only last May 2018, and debuted with the single “Take A Night Off”. Today, they released their new song “우린 매일매일 (As Always As We Are)”, with a music video directed by Arkhe Lee.

Nightoff is made up of two members who were from different bands. Lee Naeryong, formerly of 언니네이발관 who released their last album as a band early this year. The second member is Eaeon who is also from Mot (못).


From Magic Strawberry Sound, Sejin Park released her newest single “Young & Naive” today, showcasing a lovely vocal range and musicality. The song is produced by Capitalist, while the remix version was made by Deepshower.


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