K-INDIE : Jannabi Releases New Single “Good Boy Twist”

Jannabi is a band we’ve started listening to since 2017, catching us straight on with their poppy yet melodic music, matched up with that amazing vocals. Time gave them more chances to show their colors and music, and we’re excited for them.

On August 13th, the band released the single “Good Boy Twist”, off of an expected album coming soon. The music video dropped the same day with a very fun, and compelling, concept. Other than Junghoon showcasing his god-like vocals (a very personal opinion we know a lot of you could agree to nonetheless), the other members also lended their vocals for backup.

1theK also released a special live clip of the song being performed on a rooftop, just to show you how good they are.

Jannabi was formed in 2014, starting off with the three main members Choi Junghoon (vocals), Kim Donhyung (guitar) and Yun Gyeol (keyboard). After landing their first Pentaport Festival appearance on the same year, they prepared for their first EP and added more members: Jang Kyungjoon and Yoo Younghyeon. The five member band have been diligently working on their album juggling with gigs, festivals and even some modeling contracts, too (namely Junghoon). And havewe mentioned their OST singles and collaborations with Korean hiphop artists (*cough* Changmo *cough*)?

They are also preparing for their concert to be held on August 26th. Tickets are open now!


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