The Future of YG and YGX

In an interview released in May, YG Entertainment’s head Yang Hyunsuk mentioned HIGHGRND in his plans for this year. No word about what will happen to the artists. In an earlier entry we made, we enumerated what we thought would be HIGHGRND’s predicament. Following news that YG Entertainment’s operating profit has decreased, the label has greeted PSY’s end of contract added with the fact that BIGBANG, YG’s highest grossing artist (and brand), is relatively inactive because of members currently enlisted to military service, YG is trying its best to fend for itself and part of it is creating a new label for upcoming stars. In this entry, we will be looking at what YG Entertainment has in store for fans, especially for those who follow through with its subsidiary labels.


Yes, the Black Label is still under YG. The label has seen an addition to their label including model Lee Jumyoung and former YMGA member Digital Masta, who is now apparently heading the label in addition to his role as founder for D-Business Entertainment. Currently, the only active artists under TBL are Zion.T and Okasian, with the inclusion of RTEE, 24, Joe Rhee and Peejay constantly producing music for other artists, including BLACKPINK’s recent mini-album.

News recently revealed that The Black Label has signed 10-year old Ella Gross in the hopes that they would hone her talents and make her debut. She is currently active as a model and actress and resides in America.

We are constantly asking what has now become of Danny Chung while in the label. Known as a rapper, we’re still waiting for material from him that actually showcases his rapping rather than his producing, not that he isn’t good at it though. And honestly, we’re still waiting for Bryan Chase and Joe Rhee to show themselves with their music. Additionally, news about KUSH has been very scarce, especially after his drug scandal in late 2017.


As far as we know Colde from offonoff is with Wavy Seoul now, Idiotape moved to Hyukoh’s label and Code Kunst has now joined AOMG. There is no longer HIGHGRND and the state of the artists left behind is still unclear. So after 2 years, the label has officially shut down.

However, it was reported that YG has put the label under a different name and team, a label reportedly to be managed by Seungri himself. And yes, we’ll get down to explaining the label below.


The new label YGX is a merge between YG and Seungri’s label NHR (Natural High Records) which was founded in 2017. The merge happened early in 2018 and has appointed both BIGBANG’s Seungri and Lee Jaewook (YG’s head choreographer) as co-CEO’s of the label. With HGHGRND failing, YG has been reported to have it merged into YGX as well. The label will also be managing YGX Academy, a venture into creating a place where skilled individuals would be able to train themselves. And hopefully, YG gets to recruit students from there into the main label.

Currently, YGX is said to be housing NHR DJs Glory, TPA and SamnSpeck, and model and DJ Kim Kibum (aka POOH). Just recently, there were three other names added to their roster.

ANDA is a singer who debuted in 2012 as Andamiro, later on changing her name. SHe has released numerous singles including “Touch”, “It’s Going Down” (which features The Quiett), “Waiting” and “Taxi”. In April, she released a collaboration EP with Primary called “Do Worry, Be Happy”. With her signing to YGX, ANDA was featured in Seungri’s “1,2,3!” music video and live stages.

Blue.D is a trainee in YGX and was introduced publicly through her covers and Soundcloud tracks. She features in Seungri’s “Love Is You” included in his recent album release.

Real name Ha Seonho, Sandy was first publicly introdced through Highschool Rapper 2 where she was able to be in the top spots among an array of male rappers. During that time, Sandy was part of the All I Know Music, the same label that housed Giant Pink, KJUN, and more.

With all of this happening in YG Entertainment and its sub labels, which one are you excited the most for?!


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