10 Songs You Need To Listen To If You Like Shaun

It may just be the first time ever that a not so popular artist in South Korea has dominated charts in South Korea for not just a day or two but for almost 2 weeks now. That is Shaun with his song “Way Back Home” from his EP “TAKE” released in June 27th. Shaun and his label DCTOM was then accused of performing “sajaegi” or chart manipulation. The label has already denied these accusations and said that the only marketing they did was through Facebook.

Knowing that Shaun is also a DJ, his initial audience for the EP were club-goers and fellow EDM DJs who until now are still using his songs during festivals and performances. Colleagues have also shared about the song including Epik High, Younha, Seungri and more. And according to some, “Way Back Home” has been played continuously all around Seoul. Surely this can testify to how good th

In light of this and because we are immensely proud of how “Way Back Home” is doing really, really good in Korean music charts, I thought this would be an amazing way to tell you guys that (1) Shaun deserves this attention and (2) that you should all listen to his songs. You can start with these ten.

10. WAY BACK HOME (Acoustic Ver.)

Other than the original EDM track, Shaun created an acoustic version of the song and even released a video of it showing him playing ALL the instruments including an electric guitar, bass guitar, piano and even a push controller. If you’re new to Shaun, this is a good way to know how good he actually is as an overall musician and one-man band.

9. Reborn (DJ Baryonyx ft. Shaun)

This is a song produced by DJ Baryonyx which features SHAUN’s vocals. Unless you’re still doubting his singing abilities, than you can start here (Just don’t mind the English, please).

8. 생각나 ft. OVAN, SUMIN

Part of his EP “TAKE”, 생각나 was released as the lead track and features the rapper OVAN and singer SUMIN. We honestly didn’t believe it when it was released but Shaun and Sumin sound so good.


Shaun started his DJ career in 2014 and has released numerous mixes since. One of the first mixes he did is “Silence”. It’s just music but to be part of his earliest songs, this pretty much is a very good song. Until now, he still uses this track for his live performances.


This is Shaun’s first official single released in 2017 as part of the We Love Vocal EDM 4 compilation EP. Shaun has made mixes of his own but with Lunisolar, fans get to hear his voice more.


“Falling Into” is another mix Shaun did during his first years as a DJ. If you thought his vocals for “Way Back Home” was already beautiful, after listening to this, you might just reconsider.

4. 4 CHORD Melody

More than just a DJ and producer, Shaun actually debuted as part of the band The KOXX doing keyboard and synthesizers. The band is actually really popular in the Korean Indie scene, with most people describing them as a band that is “hard to copy”. All of the band members are music majors and definitely shows in the music they create. In 2017, they released a medley they created using some of the year’s popular songs.


Shaun is a very good pianist and this track shows just that. “DREAM” was apparently made for his fans and was released in Christmas of 2017, making it more meaningful.


With the KOXX, Shaun is usually the secondary or backup vocals. But with their sophomore album “The New Normal” , which is considered their greatest album yet in terms of music and reception, Shaun also stepped up. He had a greater role in the album’s production and had larger vocal parts. Aside from “zeitgeist”, Shaun sings greatly for the track “Man Go”. And yes, you can go ahead and appreciate the KOXX while you’re at it.


This isn’t really a song but it’s worth a share. In 2016, the KOXX held concerts where each member will arrange the set. When it was Shaun’s time to arrange their show, he literally remixed a lot of their songs into a full 50 minute set with everyone else still performing with their instruments.


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