K-INDIE : Singer OFA is Happy Robot Records’ New Artist

Rookie singer OFA has gained such quite a following especially after his debut in 2017 with a beautiful mini album “You’ll Be Alright” released in April 2017. With Happy Robot Records, OFA will be in the same roster as other popular musicians as the KOXX, the Solutions, DAYBREAK, Soran, EZ Hyung, Thornapple and more.

OFA, who’s real name is Lee Yohan and English name is John Rhee, was first discovered through his stint with Superstar K7. He later continued his music career moving completely to Seoul and releasing his first EP.

His music is acoustically very chill and yet poppy, most notably, his velvety voice. In his EP, we definitely love the track “Somebody”. But our favorite may just be his recent single “Crazy” released for the Hidden Track No.V project.

As an independent artist, OFA has gained much attention and even headlining shows and festivals. After being in the limelight, OFA has decided to join a label and further work on his music and activities. Just recently, he participated in Melomance’s newest EP.

You can follow OFA on his official Instagram account and his Soundcloud for some of his tracks and demos (you most definitely want to listen to).


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