[ SOUNDCLOUD ] New Tracks from Wet Boyz, Rooftop and Crackbit

Start of the week and we have new tracks to listen to, and probably new names you could all follow from now on.

“나 쁜 남 자” – Wet Boyz

Wet Boyz have been around for a while and we love them for their novelty image and sounds. Their new song “나 쁜 남 자” is surprisingly catchy, just don’t mind the cover photo, we guess.

“Take 돈 Shit (K Gang ver.)” – Rooftop (Feat. Kidk Kidk, KHAN, Kor Kash, 김승민)

Rooftop is a unit made up of rappers Blase Kid and Dive in Purple, both member of the crew HIVE. Their new single “Take 돈 Shit” was released yesterday featuring 4 other rappers, including a new favorite of ours, Kor Kash.

“HER” – Crackbit (Feat. TheDeep, TSUN)

Producer Crackbit just dropped a new track recently which may just be our favorite song today. “HER” features voices from TheDeep and TSUN.

Which one is your favorite?


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