K-INDIE : ADOY Releases Second EP “Love”

After the successful release of their first EP “Catnip” in 2017, indie-pop rock band ADOY (아도이) is back with their second EP “Love” released on the 14th of June.ADOY was formed in 2016 and is a gathering of musicians who already had prior experience in the indie scene as part of different bands. In 2017, the band released their debut EP “Catnip” and gave them a place as one of the best rookies of the year along with SeSoNeon and Shin Haegyeong.


  • Oh Juhwan (오주환) : vocals, guitar (formerly of Eastern Sidekick)
  • Zee : synths, keyboard (formerly of From the Airport)
  • Zozo : gutar (formerly of Watersports)
  • Jang Dayoung (장다영) : bass, vocals
  • Park Geunchang : drums (formerly of Trampauline)

The new EP “Love” is made up of 6 tracks that dollows through the first EP’s concept. As we say, they’re the kind of band you’ll want to be playing while you pop up some drinks with some good old friends. Both Juhwan and Dayoung sing on the tracks which are entirely in English so international listeners may be able to appreciate it more. The track “Blanc” features vocals from George, one of our new favorites.

The track “Young” was pre-released as a single last May. A music video for “Wonder” is expected to drop soon, too. The EP is now made available on major Korean music portals so be sure to listen! We have loved ADOY since their debut and we know you won’t regret it.

1. Wonder
2. Young
3. Bike
4. Blanc (ft. George)
5. Balloon
6. It Doesn’t Matter


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