New singles from Nafla, Tommy Strate, PUP and Olltii

A lot of new singles have been released this week and we wanted to take a look on some of them.

Nafla – “B.I.G”
After the MKIT RAIN compilation album, Nafla released a new single titled “B.I.G” produced by Cloudy Beats. The track is actually reminiscent to some of his early tracks namely “Wu”.

Tommy Strate – “UP”
Tommy Strate released his new single the other day called “UP”. The track features rappers Kid Milli and Coogie.

PUP – “어디가 꿈속이죠 (恍然如梦)”
Female rapper PUP has had a stint in China. Coming back to South Korea, she released a mixtape, and recently, a new single. “어디가 꿈속이죠 (恍然如梦)” was released June 5th with a colorful music video.

Olltii – “Cypherpath”
Olltii released a new single early this week called “Cypherpath”. And as the title suggests, this track just can’t get any better with the inclusion of H2adin and Huckleberry P in it.


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