FFQ: Moon Yirang

After rebranding himself, Moon Yirang has continued to wow the crowd with his music production. If not busy in his personal studio, Moon Yirang hops through some of Itaewon’s hottest clubs performing as a DJ.

We had a quick chat with him and learned more about his single “Aphasia” and his future projects. Here’s our five fun questions with him!

TKL : Your single “Aphasia” was quite talked about, with some KPOP idols listening to it, too. How did the collaboration with Hoody happen? How was the experience working on the song?

There isn’t a special backstory. I reached out to Hoody with some of my tracks and Hoody chose the one she liked to collaborate on. During our collaboration, I focused on creating a sound that would best represent Hoody’s style and ethos (character). It’s difficult to say how popular the track ended up being but if people enjoyed it, that’s all that matters to me!

TKL : We heard that you are currently working to release an EP. How is it going? What should the fans should look forward to?

The EP is not yet confirmed. However, I plan on releasing several singles in the near future. Depending on their reception, I may compile my singles into an EP. So, keep a look out for my upcoming singles!

TKL : You are part of the crew Alter Ego, and each member is known for their individual activities and talent. What does it feel like to be in a group of artists like them?

The Alter Ego members are friends I’ve known since I was young. We’ve always been there for each other as a source inspiration, comfort, and trust. Together, we’ve thrown a successful monthly party at Cakeshop for some time and the events have been a time for us to catch up, share our works, and de-stress.

TKL : Other than producing and being a DJ, you are also into modeling and photography. Do you have other talents or skills that you would like to try and pursue some day?

Haha! I never thought of myself as a model. My ‘modeling career is merely a collection for my friend’s lookbooks and projects. Photography is just something I enjoy, both as the model and the photographer. I don’t think too much about it though — it’s neither something to pursue or to give up. It’s just a part of my day-to-day life.

Some time ago, I was featured on MNET with Lee Ha Nui and Gang Nam Hyung. But I guess I’m still not used to being broadcasted and found the entire experience a bit uncomfortable. The point is, my main focus will always be music and that’s what I will focus on.

TKL : What movie have you watched recently and why did you like it?

It’s hard to find time to watch films when I’m producing. With that said, Black Mirror on Netflix is recommended!

You can follow Moon Yirang on Instagram to see more of his activities and photos!


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