TheLoyalist: Drug Raps List? Who’s Next?

Recently, in a very shocking way, news came out that rapper CJamm was reported to have been booked for drug use. It was said that he was arrested for the suspicion of usage and said that he tried it out of curiosity. Humorously, the rapper took to his Instagram 3 hours before the news came out that his last post would be “a recording before he goes in”.

And as though that wasn’t enough of a show for the people, early the next day, news came out about another rapper who was part of the arrest CJamm was in: Bill Stax.

According to the news report, Bill Stax was arrested in his home, the same place CJamm was allegedly arrested at as well, after receiving reports of usage on multiple ocassions. A number of other people were arrested alongside them, which includes producers, rappers and rookies.

For having two artists being involved in cases, Just Music released an official statement yesterday regarding the issue saying that they will do their best to manage their remaining artists more carefully and to create a better environment for them to concentrate as musicians. (translations made available via Lex’s Asian Rap World)

The use of marijuana has been an ongoing issue in the Korean music industry, with an increasing number of artists being revealed or arrested to have used it. We could go on telling you who else has been involved, but you probably already know who. We’re just here sitting around wondering who would be the next to join the list.

And as we write this, news have gone out that rapper Jung Sangsoo has been investigated for sexual assault. DJ Maximite has also released an official apology after being investigated for both marijuana use and assaulting his girlfriend.

What a week huh?


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