Introducing Donutman

Donutman is a rapper that debuted in 2014 with the song “Young and Gifted” which was then followed by his EP “Welcome to the Game” which then started his career, boasting an array of collaborations and support unique to a rookie like himself. However, he has already started releasing songs underground as early as 2011.

Donutman is known for his lyricism that passes on the idea of reality and of his thoughts and experiences towards hiphop, society and life. Also a member of the crew Clarity with rappers Young Lion and Kidd King, Donutman continues to release music and activities. The only thing missing from him are music videos but hopefully, we’ll get to see that

He has been able to release numerous singles and EP’s continuously. He has released numerous singles including “Puff Puff Pass It”, “Fight The Feeling”, “Lost in Melodies Pt. 1” and “How To Love”. He gained more following after his stints on Show Me The Money.

Real Name : Song Yangwon
Birthday : January 27, 1991

Twitter : @DNM91
Instagram : @namtunod


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