[EVENT] KHiphop PH Fan Gathering!

Excited for sunmer? We are. And we wanted to spend a few days of it with some friends! The KHOP Loyalist is hosting a summer get together with members of KHIPHOP Philippines. We’re doing it on April 28th at SM Megamall and will last for the whole day!

The event is open to all KHIPHOP fans in Manila or anywhere in the Philippines, as long as you could make it!

For more information, you can join the Facebook event page and maybe find someone you could go with!


Calling all KHIPHOP fans in Manila! The KHOP Loyalist will be hosting a summer get-together with KHIPHOP PH members! It’s time to catch up and meet new friends because nothing beats having fun with everyone offline!

And the best thing is that, IT’S FREE !

When: 04.28.2018
Where: SM MEGAMALL (exact meet-up place will be discussed further and announced)

1. Bring extra cash for your own snacks.
2. ‎Comment if you want to join the event Facebook GC.
3. ‎Invite your friends because it’s always merrier when there are more of us!

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