VMC x Justhis Beef? Here’s Our Take On It

In the latest episode of Olltii’s 7INDAYS, Justhis was the guest rapper. And as usual, they freestyle rap about anything under the sun. Exciting. But not until Justhis’ third verse where he dissed Vismajor, dropping names such as Nucksal, TK, Don Mills and Deepflow.


And of course, VMC wouldn’t leave a diss unanswered. They barely do.

In Justhis’ diss, he started that he “is in between an MC and V” and later dropped the rappers’ names, even calling Don Mills a “rap retard”. He later explained his verses in the end of the episode with Olltii. But because we’re not an expert Korean speaker, as much as we wanted to give you a lowdown on what he said, we can’t.

However, Deepflow was quick enough to respond with a track released on Soundcloud, “나다 에”. In this track, Deepflow mentioned how Justhis is perceived as a good rapper but was usually a reason why “music videos were filmed longer” even mentioning that Justhis asked him once to “not reveal how a failure he was”. Well… That was serious.

Don Mills has also revealed a diss back to Justhis, released today on Soundcloud.

Disses are normal especially if there’s a reason. As 7INDAYS is supposedly a freestyle rap series, it’s surprising that Justhis would be able to spit out lyrics like that. However, it feels as though he was serious about it either way. A lot of people have commented that Justhis dissing VMC is a wrong move, considering how popular the label is. Not to mention what Deepflow is for the culture itself. But here’s our thoughts about it.

At some point, Justhis has a point in calling out VMC. We are fans of the label and its artists and we recognize that VMC has done a lot to raise the culture. However, people must remember that some fans, namely the Elitists, do not agree with the thought ot Korean hiphop artists actuvely appearing on mainstream TV. And ever since Deepflow appeared in Highschool Rapper’s first season. Nucksal and Don Mills then became part of SMTM, Produce 101 and other shows.

But despite the opportunities they are getting, VMC still shows loyalty and helps nurture not just their name but also the scene in general. And we know Don Mills and Nucksal aren’t tne best rappers ojt there, but time and again, they have showed improvement and continue to do their best.

Whether it is a personal thing, Justhis was definitely brave enough to do so, considering the backlash he’s now receiving from both fans and colleagues. And just to note that his collaborative album with Paloalto was released just recently, too.

What do you guys think?!


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