Don’t Miss MIC SWG BOOTH Episodes! Trust Us!

In case you all missed it, Mic Swagger is back with a new concept and it doesn’t just involve rappers, but musicians, too!

MIC SWG BOOTH aims to introduce to the public that rap could go along really well with band music. The project curated by Nuol releases videos every Wednesday of every week with a different rapper in the spotlight. They perform live just as a band performs the music live as well.

They started on March 7th with Takeone as the first performer. The second were Paloalto and Justhis, and was just right on time as their new album “4theyouth” was released the same week. This week features Penomeco with WRKMS.


Paloalto & Justhis


The next artists to be featured are as follows. Be sure to subscribe to their Youtube channel to never miss a new episode!

3/28 : Giriboi & Han Yohan
4/4 : Olltii
4/11 : Jinbo
4/18 : FANA
4/25 : Swings
5/2 : Verbal Jint
5/9 : BeWhy


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