Why DCTOM and its Artists Are Redefining DJs and their Names

South Korea is definitely the center for all things music here in Asia. The rise of KPOP only became a door to a spring of other music the country can offer, such as Korean hiphop, indie music, and just recently, Korean EDM music.

International DJs have become widely known due to their numerous appearances in music festivals all around the world. There’s Alesso, Martin Garrix, Marshmello and more. One more thing these DJs offer is their tallent in not just playing with beats and tracks on turntables, but also being able to produce their own music and release it for people to hear, not just inside clubs, but also on their own platforms. Smart move, we say. And South Korean DJs definitely wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

South Korea has three main party districts: Hongdae (for the indie and hiphop followers), Itaewon (for the international and underground music inclined), and Gangnam (for the high-class, EDM parties). Among these districts, those DJs that frequent Gangnam are usually the ones with the biggest followings and areable to showcase themselves in bigger stages and festivals. For the past few years, most of the headlining DJs have earned names for themselves and ventured into creating their own music, too. But the problem lies in the fact that not much labels have energed to support them.

Until DCTOM came into the picture.

In 2017, because of the dream of changing thr club scene culture in South Korea, DJ Pnutz found it best to spearhead a label where DJs would be able to hone their talents and have it support them. He founded the label, DCTOM Entertainment and later on opened a club of his own where most of his DJs could perform after clubbing hours (usually 2am to 11am), MU:IN.

DCTOM is currently housing 21 DJs, most of whom are popular ones including Garenz (made up of Pnutz & Daywalker), Vandal Rock, Shaun, Juncoco, Re:Vibe, Over.B, Vandi and more. They introduced themselves last year through a show at Club Octagon and later had Daywalker, Shaun, Vandal Rock and Juncoco join the TV competition “TRIANGLE”.

Through DCTOM, they are redefining how DJs are usually looked at as the stars of a party. They are showing people that there’s more to them. And that’s through all of the original songs they have released, and still continue to drop.

Early in 2017, Shaun, Re:Vibe, Vandal Rock and Juncoco released all original songs first performed at the We Love Vocal EDM 4 concert. Later, Garenz was able to release their single “Wanna Get You Closer” which then happened to be one of the World DJ Festival theme songs.

After their succesful appearance through TRIANGLE, Daywalker was the first to release a single, “ZZURU”. The second release happened to be Shaun’s “DREAM”. This year, DCTOM has started off with more songs, almost one every week, from their DJs, all showing how versatile, talented and skilled their artists can be. Soon enough, we’ll get to see bigger South Korean DJs that can go international such as Justin Oh and Raiden. And we’re putting our bets that it just might come from DCTOM.

01.17 : Vandal Rock “SWAY” ft. Flowsik, Double K, Killahgramz

02.06 : Daywalker x Vandi “A.K.A” ft. Absint

02.12 : Juncoco “Yellow Monkey Revolution”

02.28 : Rana “Na Na Na” ft. Ella Loponte

03.09 : Epiik, Vandal Rock, Shaun “Yeah-Ah Gang” ft. Re:Vibe

Aside from the artists’ activities and songs, DCTOM also maages the club MU:IN with them headlining every show. Every Sunday, they host TECH:IN, a show where techno music is the highlight and usually invites less known DJs to perform.

They recently just celebrated the label’s first anniversary through a show hosted at club Burning Sun (where PNutz is the music director at).

Garenz (Pnutz, Daywalker)
Vandal Rock
Over B
Jerryca Misty

WEBSITE: http://www.dctoment.com


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