The 15th Korean Music Awards Winners!

The 15th Korean Music Awards is an event we were looking forward to a lot this year. On February 28th, the awarding ceremony commenced and the winners announced.

This year, we collaborated with Indieful ROK and shared our predictions for the winners. We have widened our broad of music we listen to and it was exciting to find out who had the best chances of winning. Let’s just say that most of our predicted artists actually won!

Our main focus is in the hiphop, RnB and Electornic music genres. For the Best Rap & Hiphop Song, the choices were pretty up to par with every one. We personally wanted Kim Ximya’s “Career High” to win but the amount of recognition given to Woo Wonjae’s “시차 (We Are)” was just to great to ignore.

There were numerous hiphop albums released this year. And most of which are really great. We personally believed Jazzyfact and the Kim Ximya x DSanders albums are great contenders. But we believed Viann & Khundi Panda’s “Reconstruction” was a major feat in terms of music. Viann delivered messy and experimental beats gloriously created. And Khundi Panda perfected it with his rap and flow. That alone, made it immensely deserving of recognition.

Hyukoh was nominated for numerous categories and managed to win three awards that night. Although the other nominees had good songs, albums and presentations, Hyukoh was definitely a step above as they were able to present numerous contents and public appearances.

The dance and electronic categories are a personalfavorite, including everyone nominated. It was hard to predict who else would win the album category seeing that Idiotape was in it with “Dystopian”. As we always say, “Idiotape” can do no wrong. The song categorywas equally gruesome thinking who deserved the award more. Kirara ws there, Yeseo was there. But we chose Cifika’s “My Ego”, mainly because it was just that kind of song that left you wanting for more.

Although we didn’t believe SeSoNeon’s “The Wave” was a traditional rock song, it was categorized under this nomination and we thought it would win. And it did. Good job! And under the best rock album, we really believed Lowdown30 could win, judging from their music and legend status. And yes. They won as well. Highly deserving. And yes. Those two bands are from the same label.

For the RnB and Soul album, we chose Hippy was Gipsy. The production value to their album “나무 (Tree)” is just 110%. They won at the KHA 2018. And they won at the KMA’s, too!

And there’s the Rookie award. We put all our bets on SeSoNeon. You just cannot deny the attention this band has received and it was proved when they won. And just to add with the happiness, SeSoNeon’s sunbaes Silica Gel, who won the Rookie award last year, presented it to them this year. We feel so proud.

Unfortunately, not all of the winners attended the ceremony to receive their awards. Hyukoh is currently in Berlin, Germany finishing an album. The idols BTS and IU were absent as well. Red Velvet, although not physically present, sent an acceptance video and was shown to the audience. Additionally, Jeebanoff, last year’s Best R&B and Soul Song winner, delivered a live performance.

Check out all of the winners:

  • Best Rap & Hiphop Song : “”시차 (We Are)” – Woo Wonjae ft. Loco, Gray
  • Best Rap & Hiphop Album : “재건축 (Reconstruction)” – Viann x Khundi Panda
  • Best Jazz Album : “Father, Dream, Drop” – Lee Jiyeun
  • Best Crossover Album : “끝내 바다에 (And here, the Sea at Last)” – Han Seungsok x Jang Jaeil
  • Best Jazz & Crossover Performance : “Straight, No Chaser” – Hagyu Hwang Quartet
  • Best Modern Rock Song : “Tomboy” – Hyukoh
  • Best Modern Rock Album : “23” – Hyukoh
  • Best Dance & Electronic Song : “My Ego” – Cifika
  • Best Dance & Electronic Album : “Dystopian” – Idiotape
  • Best Metal & Hardcore Album : “Recrowned” – Abyss
  • Best Folk Song : “그랑블루 (bleu)” – Kang Taegu
  • Best Folk Album : “bleu” – Kang Taegu
  • Best Pop Song : “빨간 맛 (Red Flower)” – Red Velvet
  • Best Pop Album : “Palette” – IU
  • Best Rock Song : “파도 (The Wave)” – SeSoNeon
  • Best Rock Album : “B” – Lowdown30
  • Best RnB & Soul Song : “Paradise” – Rico
  • Best RnB & Soul Album : “나무 (Tree)” – Hippy was Gipsy
  • Rookie of the Year : SeSoNeon
  • Song of The Year : “Tomboy” – Hyukoh
  • Artist of the Year : BTS
  • Album of the Year : “bleu” – Kang Taegu

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