TheLoyalist: Why We Love NELL and Groovyroom’s Collaboration “Today”

It’s no secret that we love K-Indie. And it is definitely no secret that one of our favorite bands in South Korea is NELL. So when NELL announced a new single, we were really expecting nothing but the best. But when the teaser for “Today (오늘은) dropped revealing that it was a collaboration with Groovyroom, we flipped!

I consider it a sin when people who listen to Korean music do not or have never listened to NELL. Koreans consider NELL as heroes, musicians consider them as great artists. Either way, their name is big and although not greatly pop in sound, NELL has in some way, touched each and every one’s lives.

So when we heard of the collaboration with Groovyroom, we only had nothing but mad respect for NELL and joy for the duo.

NELL has barely collaborated with other musicians for their music. There is their work with PIA and Epik High, and numerous ones with Jonghwan doing solo work. But to have NELL work with a fairly rookie musician is definitely something new.

“Today (오늘은)” is a song that talks about a person’s feelings towards someone they love but also need to move on. The theme and sound of this song is reminiscent to NELL’s “Newton’s Apple” and “Separation Anxiety” era, compared to their last album “C” which features more upbeat songs and those that talk about life and youth. This was definitely a walk through memory lane, the sad one.

We loved the song, one that reminds you this is NELL. They always are successful in making you emotional even with just instrumentals. We’re currently playing it on replay and it can’t just be forgotten. We can already imagine how NELL would perform this on stage. We are also hoping that this isn’t the end of NELL collaborating with new artists. And in the same way, we hope for more great heights for Groovyroom.

The band did a V Live to celebrate the release of the single. You can watch it here. In it, the members talked about how they were able to collaborate with the young producers, saying that they were friends with numerous hiphop artists and producers, thus making the connection natural.

You can check the music video, a work by Rarebirth.


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