TKL Gives Jeon Soyeon’s “Jelly” a 6 out of 10

Unpretty Rapstar’s prodigy Jeon Soyeon went back into training to CUBE. After a year since the last season, Jeon Soyeon is now out and debuted as a solo artist with the single “Jelly”.

As much as we loved Soyeon from the survival show and was sincerely excited about her debut, “Jelly” was quite a disappointment.

Maybe we should cut Jeon Soyeon some slack as she’s a teenager and her voice quality fits the pop genre more. But knowing that she’s had enough experience with UPRS, we were hoping for something a lot harder and more hiphop in sound. And this sound put a discreet frown on my face. Not to even mention that part where she started singing!

In all honestly and observation, it is hard to put Soyeon on a track alone as a rapper. Her voice quality may be eerie to some, some may enjoy it. But to only listen to her for 4 minutes is stress. And I guess that’s why they needed her to sing some of the parts.

Although sounding all right as a dance track, along with the dancing done near the end of the music video where Jeon Soyeon is with other CUBE artists and trainees including Jo Woochan, everything seems all right. All except for the lyrics. Word play may seem all right if it’s in Korean but please, girl, what are you talking about?!

“Jumping with my round butt
High till I can touch the clouds
Bungee jumping from above
Where am I right now?”

I understand this song is something about love and all, but where is Soyeon’s interaction with an actual guy that she has feelings for?!

As an actual hiphop song, we give this song a 4 out of 10. Still hanging there just because of the cutie Woochan doing the turntable. Love this kid.

As a pop song, we give this an 8 out of 10. We hope you succeed in being a KPOP star, Soyeon!


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