TKL Questions!

October was a pretty good month for us. We’ve had more visitors and connections than ever. And added to that are some questions left by some on the search box. So here we are answering them, all for your pressure.

“Is G2 from Texas?”

Yes. He is. He’s Korean but was raised in Texas, USA. As far as we know, he started rapping there before Okasian discovered him through a video and then eventually coming to Korea to collaborate with Keith Ape.

Who are Fanxychild members?

We already have a page dedicated to Fanxychild and introduces the members. But we have to update that because FXCD is actually made up of Zico, Dean, Crush, Millic, Penomeco and Staytuned.

“Do you have mp3 downloads?”

Straight answer, we don’t. We try to support artists by offering the official music portal links for downloads. But, if the artists offer free downloads, we give the link. Please buy legally!

“What is Sik-K’s real name? Is he part of AOMG or H1GHR Music? What is his net worth?”

It’s obvious everyone’s interested in this guy. Sik-K’s real name is Kwon Minsik (권민식). He is part of H1GHR Music, not AOMG, although both labels are owned by Jay Park. His net worth? Haha! We don’t know. Why? Are you gonna book him? 😅

“Is DoK2 part of Sing Street?”

If you’re talking about 2016 variety show, no. Sing Street was made up of Samuel Seo, Raw By Peppers, Bong Taegyu, DJ Roi, Dindin and DJ G Park. Check out our post about it here!

We are always thankful for people checking our blog. But most of all, we thank the ones that have questions and want to know more about the scene and what’s happening! Love and peace!


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