On And On

Hoody has been sharing her sultry and beautiful voice ever since she debuted in 2013 with an EP. A few more collaborations including Coke Jazz and Kirin, and she shot into fame after featuring in Jay Park’s single “SOLO” in 2015. She later on signed with AOMG, becoming their one and only label princess.

In 2016, after much waiting and more single releases, the singer released her EP “On And On”. It’s been a while but here’s our take on the album.

Artist : HOODY
Released : December 2016
Tracklist :

  1. By Your Side (ft. Jinbo)
  2. Your Eyes (ft. Jay Park)
  3. The Light
  4. Lust (ft. Elo)
  5. Forest
  6. Need U (ft. DoK2)
  7. Like You
  8. On And On (Outro)
  9. Your Eyes (Inst.)

For those unaware of Hoody and have not heard her music before this EP’s release, starting off with “By Your Side” makes listeners hold on and check what else she has. We have an upbeat dance track produced by the always amazing Peejay. Jinbo featuring in the song wasn’t much of a surprise, but the color he added into the song was definitely a thumbs up.

Following is “Your Eyes” which features Jay Park. Compared to their first other collaborations such as “SOLO” and “Me Like Yuh”, this track explores each other’s more laid back vibe, added with the jazz tunes that mesmerizes. We also definitely love the fact

After their collaboration for “F.W.B”, we were totally shook after hearing “LUST” which features Elo. If their unit doesn’t give you bed vibes, I don’t know what else can. And yes, putting that track in the middle definitely makes you hang on…to your seat. Nothing else.


Before the release on this EP, our favorite Hoody tracks happen to be “Baby Oh Baby” (nothing like some classic love songs) and “Like You”. But after listening, our new favorite song is “Need U” featuring DoK2. This is a track produced by GRAY therefore the build up in the beats by the time DoK2 entered is pretty much normal. What isn’t normal though, is the way DoK2 did his raps so versatile. It may just be the editing but we love how he rapped slow, fresh and softly, something that we haven’t seen lately since his “Lie Down” track iwth Satbyeol.

Another favorite may just be “Forest” produced by Hoody herself. Very short lyrics but definitely showed how her bedroom producing showcases her sultry voice so much more than the other tracks.


We immediately bought the physical album as soon as it dropped. It’s not very showy or complicated. Just a booklet containing the lyrics and credits but the cloudy vibe provided by the cover artwork (and everything else in it actually)makes it perfect for a solo ride through the hill side.


As a whole, even without the featured artists, Hoody has exemplified that she could stand out even if she’s singing solo. This observation based on the tracks The Light, Forest and Like You. But we appreciate the collaborations just as much, providing enough light to give other people who may be curious as to who this Hoody girl singing with Jay Park and DoK2 is.

And during the span of promotions for this EP, we’ve seen Hoody going through some special live clips performing her songs. The only downside we’ve seen is the fact that the release of this EP was released just 2 months after Jay Park’s Everything You Wanted album. We’re not complaining but we surely wanted Hoody to have more of the spotlight since this was her first EP under the label.

Overall, we give this EP a 10 out of 10, for the KRNB category. Hoody has never disappointed us. And if in this album we see her singing to a song she’s produced herself, imagine what else we’re bound to hear in the future!


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