What to Be Excited For? Nafla, Cream Villa and pH-1 EPs Coming

We’ve got albums being released (Dbo wins this) and those coming up soon, too (hello Epik High)! But these are some that are coming really soon and we know you’re excited for it.


Nafla will be releasing a new album on October 22nd, with a full 16 tracks called “Angels”. The tracklist was released yesterday, revealing the cover artwork as well created by Mr. Misang. The album will be available physically with a 2-sticker package and is now available for pre-order on major Korean music portals such as Yes24, Hiphopplaya, Interpark and Aladdin.


  1.  jungle
  2.  fly high (M&H)
  3.  wake up (skit)
  4.  kickback
  5.  jail
  6.  dead tree
  7.  friends (skit)
  8.  gra gra feat. loopy
  9.  loosies feat. bloo
  10.  사과상자 feat. loopy
  11.  호피 (dime)
  12.  rollin’
  13.  taxi (skit)
  14.  혼자가 편해
  15.  smile
  16.  서울 feat. owen5vadoz


The crew Cream Villa will be releasing their collaboration EP “Creamtopia” on October 16th. The EP will be made up of 12 tracks, some of which the crew has already released prior to the EP, and will feature Deepflow on one track. Cream Villa is a crew made up of Lobem Ex8er, Bn Blank, Dan Clock, Scary’P, Doplamingo, Bred and DJ Tiz.


  1. Creamtopia
  2. 판치기 (Flip it)
  3.  내 인생 OK (Shame on U)
  4.  Lotto
  5.  술 (Drinks up)
  6.  Ramsay
  7.  폼나2 (Ichiban) (Feat. Deepflow)
  8.  기묘한 박자흐름 (Phat Flow)
  9.  벚꽃엔딩 (Gimme mine)
  10.  Be Right Back
  11.  Cream Funk (Bonus track)
  12.  D.B.L.E.Q (Bonus track)


H1GHR Music is currently on a role with releases spanning the short time of its creation and Jay Park having activities both in South Korea, Singapore and America. Not to mention the latest news of them being part of SXSW 2018. But on October 18th, it’s rapper pH-1 will be dropping his EP “The Island Kid”. Tracklist hasn’t been released yet but the pre-order has already opened yesterday.


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