Want A Good Amount of Tea? Tiger JK Gave Us That

It’s no secret towards Tiger JK fans that he spends a great amount of time on Twitter, speaking his mind and interacting with his fans, including all the memes he shares and laughs at, too. So when Tiger JK was online on October 11th, fans were just happy to see him. Not until he started ranting about a lot of things, including SMTM6.

Tiger JK started off with revealing that he lost an endorsement because his Instagram didn’t have “enough followers”.

The rapper just seemed to let out some steam. It is understandable that Tiger JK’s generation may not be very fond of Instagram since its specialty centers on visual posts (photos and videos). But then he went on and ranted some more.

This gave us all the assumption that he might be drinking while tweeting. We weren’t wrong about that.

His ranting went on for almost an hour. And the amount of “mafuckers” bellowed on that amount of time was surely surprising.

If that wasn’t enough, Tiger JK then revealed more things and tea just got served real hot.

The iconic rapper revealed his thoughts on Show Me The Money 6 which he appeared on this year as a judge and producer along with Bizzy. It was previously known that the rapper did not approve of the show and its mechanics, ultimately, its impact on the Korean hiphop scene. Having him on the show was surprising and his reason being was to “fuck the show up”.

The tweets that caused an uproar namely about his endorsement and SMTM6 were subsequently deleted and Tiger JK apologized for them. And it looks like we won’t be seeing him active for a while.

It’s sad to see that rappers such as Tiger JK, who are supposed to be big names in the scene, be treated with disrespect just because their Instagram doesn’t have “enough followers”. Is this really how our generation thinks popularity is rated? As for Show Me The Money, he needs not talk about it but it’s always nice to be reminded of their issues.

What do you think of the whole situation? Tell us on the comments!

Screenshots were taken real time on October 11th and have no intention of offending anyone, especially Tiger JK. 

One thought on “Want A Good Amount of Tea? Tiger JK Gave Us That

  1. This is why I hate how the scene works. They pay attention to those who don’t deserve it based off ratings. Show Me has ratings but is shit. I never bothered with that Show til the theilird series despite seeing clips on Youtube. Why? Because I had no idea it was a hip hop program. It was too corny. Inauthentic. I felt the following two seasons had some talent but I always had issues with the program. This year I didn’t even bother despite finally managing to find a subbed medium to view it. If he intended to fuck up the show it worked. I won’t be watching it in future.

    They were right to highlight him as a legend but I guess he felt a way hearing them say it as they know fuck all about real hip hop. They use hip hop as a commodity for ratings. Hip hop should never be about the money. That’s when fuckers water it down. And why this idiot chose to use a diff person instead of Tiger. More botherd about income than the game. So fuck whoever that twat was who prob went for some cheesy artist instead. The vets laid the foundation and should be acknowledged.


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