Esens Wraps Up The Anecdote Tour, What’s Next?

They call him a legend, an icon, the rap god. And just as The Anecdote Tour wrapped up last September 30th, Esens showed why he certainly is a legend.

The Anecdote Tour started in August 26th went to 5 major cities in South Korea: Daegu, Gwangju, Busan, Daejeon and Seoul. At each stop, the concert lasted for 2 days. The first day featured a band, while the second day featured a DJ set usually with both FRNK and DJ Soulscape, with XXX as the opening acts.

In Daegu, Busan and Seoul, Beasts And Natives Alike artists were all present to support the concert and afterparty. JTong was at the Busan concert while Zico and Woo Wonjae were seen watching the concert in Seoul.

On the last day in Seoul, 250, XXX, Glen Check and D.Sanders were at the afterparty at The Henz Club. Surprisingly, XXX performed a new song to the crowd, BANA revealing much to it through an IG Live that night.

Now that the concert is over, what’s going to be next?

Well, we gathered up a lot of news while all of these were happening.

First, after his two songs released early in August, “Down With You” and “WTFRU”, Esens is said to be finishing songs for a new album. We’ve seen him recording a song with DoK2 and being present at Peejay’s Walkin Vol.2 release party which may mean a recent collaboration they worked on. We’re really hoping it’s soon! And also, Esens will be at the Defend Dokdo Hiphop Festival along with XXX on October 8th.

Second, recently, FRNK was interviewed by Headroom Rockers and revealed that XXX were finishing songs for a new mixtape as well, but no definite date as to its release. We’re not complaining about waiting. Let it begin!

Third, after the release of their EP “The Glen Check Experience”, fans have been expecting a new album to drop soon. Glen Check revealed in an interview  with Korea Herald that the new album will kick-off with GCX’s last song “Rude & Confused”, signaling that their music style will continue in this path. But other than a Glen Check album, they also revealed that Juneone is preparing for a solo album as well. Now that’s what we’ve been waiting for!

Lastly, D.Sanders just recently came back to Korea, doing a string of DJ sets during The Anecdote Tour Seoul afterparty and at the Three Commas Club show this Monday, the collaboration EP between him and Kim Ximya is expected to be done within this year. They revealed early this year that the project has started and released two demo tracks. The recording can now be done and we’re already excited to hear new songs.

It’s already October and if everyone from BANA are planning to release new material before the year ends, then we can say hello to a very lit end an start of year.

Who are you excited to hear soon?


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