TKL Notice: It’s Time For Fans To Share Their Concert Experiences!

Have you recently just watched your favorite artist live in concert? Or maybe you happened to drop by a club in Korea and enjoyed a showcase?

If you have and you’re dying to tell everyone about it, then let The KHOP Loyalist become your platform! Here’s how to do it!.

• Send in your experience in words (in English as much as possible) through email ( with the subject “TKL Fan Story”.
• You can attach photos you’ve taken, with or without watermarks (we’ll credit you for sure!).
• If you have videos, we’d appreciate Youtube or Instagram or Facebook links.
• Introduce yourself with at least your name, country, age, hobbies, favorite KHOP artist/s and SNS links (Twitter or Instagram) which will appear at the bottom lineof the entry, attaching a photo of yourself as well.

• All materials, links and stories are originally yours. Please do not copy, or steal materials from others.
• We recommend your story with 300 words or more.
• We will edit the story before publishing but will make sure to keep the essence of it. We will send you a copy of the edited version and only when we get your “OK” will we click publish!
• There will be a separate tab on the site’s menu bar featuring fan stories. However, it will still be viewable from the home page.
• There is no payment, prize or anything else in exchange with these entries. Just us wanting people to see how fun it really is to support the scene and its artists!

We appreciate everyone who has been reading and supporting the blog. And that is already a big achievement. For us, that means that more and more people are getting into the scene and I feel honored that The KHOP Loyalist has become a part of your journey to knowing Korean hiphop. So with this new project, we’re hoping that we get the word out more.

Can’t wait to read your experiences!


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