Curious About OFFTHE? Here’s What We Know About Them

News just came out recently that a new R&B crew has been founded, and the names part of it are 100 percent, fire!

According to an interview done by Chancellor recently (source). the crew is made up of Korean RnB artists Jinbo, Chancellor, Hoody, Sumin, Jooyoung and GSoul They call themselves “OFFTHE Crew”.

Surprising everyone, this is the first crew that has brought together RnB artists. However, for us, this isn’t the first time we’ve been informed of OFFTHE crew.

Although unsure when the crew was formed officially, Jinbo has been working with some of the members since last year. He was featured in Sumin’s single last year, “U and Me”. By 2017, Jinbo informed his fans through an IG story that he has been working with GSoul for a track in his album, and other singers.

In May, Jinbo, Hoody, GSoul, Sumin and other artists went to Jeju for what seemed to be a vacation among music friends. The CUT studios later on created a documentary about this, revealing that their getaway was a planned gathering of friends, to exchange and share ideas about music, specifically the RnB genre. It was during this time that Sumin filmed the music for her song “Sparkling” and the collaborations for Jinbo’s “KRNB2” happened.

In June, during the initial teaser promotions for Sumin’s first EP “Sparkling”, the hashtag OFFTHE was first used. After a few weeks, Jinbo’s “KRNB2” was released and also used the same hashtag.

So technically, the crew has been alive for a while now and everyone was oblivious to it.

However, in July, Chancellor released a video part of his monthly cover projects featuring GSoul the start of the video, an “OFFTHE” sign can be seen flashed.

We’re not sure yet but we do know that OFFTHE crew is more than just the main artists mentioned. According to Jinbo, he wanted to gather RnB artists and share the love, just like how the hiphop crews do it. And with how The CUT studios have promoted KRNB2, these are the members we believe are part of OFFTHE:

  • Jinbo (singer, producer)
  • Chancellor (singer, producer
  • GSoul (singer, producer)
  • Jooyoung (singer, producer)
  • Hoody (singer, producer)
  • Sumin (singer)
  • Docs (singer, producer, pianist)
  • Daul (producer, DJ)
  • Daehee (producer)
  • Pamajay (producer, musician)
  • Sailli (producer, DJ)
  • Nah Zamsue (producer, singer, Sultan Of The Disco member)

Some names are proven to be real as some have already worked with each other. And last week, during the Freakalive showcase at SOAP Seoul, some members were present including Daul, Sumin, Sailli, Nah Zamsue and Docs. And last Sunday, at the Pute Deluxe Corona Sunsets party at Floating Island, OFFTHE crew were part of the headliners and most of the names we mentioned were present. And as far as we know, The CUT studios were there to cover their performances so we’re hoping for a future video special about it!

With the creation of a crew such as OFFTHE, we are hoping that this would mean a bigger acceptance towards Korea’s RnB scene and its artists. Are you excited for them?


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