Look At What’s Cookin’ with Cuke!

CUKE is in a new team working on new material. He aims to show us more of what he’s got, more than what we’ve seen in his COOKINTAPE’s. With these five fun questions, we got to know more about him and what he’s up to.

TKL : What inspired you to do hiphop music and be a rapper?

CUKE : I get inspired by movies, music, photos and more that I’ve seen and listened to. They are the main sources that make me who I am.

TKL : In SMTM, you were recognized as Loco’s look-alike. How did that feel? Did it help you in any way?

CUKE : People usually use metaphors of the similar ones to introduce something or someone to others. So it isn’t a bad thing for me to get familiar with people. I really didn’t think that we look alike though and I really don’t care about it.

TKL : What has been the most memorable single/project you ever worked on? Why?

CUKE : “COOKINTAPE 1”. I think when I was working on this tape, I improved myself for making an actual tape which was official. I enjoy every work that I be on.

TKL : Who is your favorite superhero and why?

CUKE : Qui-Gon Jinn (info). Because he has a strong belief and I want to maintain the attitude in myself like he does to himself.

TKL : Are there any producers you would like to work with? Why? How about rappers?

CUKE : I want to work with the artists of HBK because they influenced my music in many ways.

Cuke is currently working on his music in the studio with his crew Team INTHECUT. The leader of the team, Blino dropped a song named “All of You” featuring Cuke and GuessBLK.

He is also working on a project “Monthly Droppin'” and a new song will be out every 30th of every month. Check out the first single “Nowanaman” on his Soundcloud!


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