Loopy, Nafla Remake Seo Taiji’s “Internet War”

The year 2017 marks Seo Taiji’s 25th anniversary since his debut. Through his time as a musician, he has been recognized as a forerunner in both Korean rock and Korean hiphop (YGE’s Yang Hyunsuk being a part of his team before).

To comemmorate his part in the Korean music scene, he prepared a remake album of some of his most prominent songs, sang and produced by some of the poular names in this new generation.

The last track “Internet War” released in 2000, was remade by MKIT RAIN’s Loopy and nafla, the new bloods, and was produced by Kim Park Chella. It maintained the song’s guitar riffs but the rappers verses and flow definitely added a new flavor to it. Likewise, it was something new to hear Loopy and nafla rapping to a rock song, when we’re all used to hearing them on boombap and hiphop sounds.

The other songs in the project are “Take Five” by Younha, “Moai” by Urban Zakapa and “Come Back Home” by BTS.

After this release, Seo Taiji is now gearing up for his anniversary,concert happening on September 2nd. It’s unsure if all of the artists that participated with the remake album will appear at the concert. However, Guckkasten and Urban Zakapa will be playing as opening guests for him.


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