Offonoff Releases First Album “boy”

People just can’t get enough of the RnB sound lately. And to continue slaying the audience with their music, OFFONOFF has dropped their first album today.

Offonoff is a vocals + producer + DJ unit made up of Colde (vocals) and 0Channel (DJ). They were introduced to the scene with the help of Dean and his crew Club Eskimo, later on being known for their mysterious vibe and image. Last year, they signed with HIGHGRND and has released singles afterwards namely “bath” and “photograph”.

Today, they released their first album “boy” which is made up of 12 tracks. The two received support from their peers especially from their crew and label.


  1. In The Car
  2. Cigarette (ft. Tablo, Miso)
  3. Gold (ft. Dean)
  4. GOOD2ME (ft. Punchnello)
  5. Boy
  6. Photograph
  7. Film Roll
  8. 춤 (Dance)
  9. Midnight
  10. Moon, 12:04AM
  11. Homeless Door (ft. Rad Museum)
  12. Overthinking

The album dropped with two music videos for “Gold” and “Dance”. Check them out below!


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