Get to Know More About Junweather In This FFQ!

Us at The KHOP Loyalist have mad respect for independent and underground artists. We’ve all seen numerous hustlers from the seen, but we’ve always been interested about this one rapper, Junweather.

We’ve sat down with Junweather and asked some interesting stuff about himself and his music! Check it out below!

TKL : What is your favorite song among all those you released?

JUNWEATHER : “Just Go With It”. Check my Soundcloud! Haha!

(“Just Go With It” is part of Junweather’s most recent mixtape “Incubation” released May 2017)

TKL : What do you think makes you stand out as an artist?

JUNWEATHER : Oh. This question made me cringe. I still prefer doing this (culture, music) than other things. It’s fun and gives me motivation. I think it’s the same with other people that do something they like. The feeling is heavy but not special.

TKL : What is your favorite article of clothing and why?

JUNWEATHER : Actually, I don’t know well about fashion, but the world says to me, “You have to know it”. And I have to point at someting this time, right? Ok. Jordans. You know, the shoes. Especially 11 Concord. It’s perfect. But I don’t have those. Damn.

TKL : Are there Korean rappers that you really look up to? Why?

JUNWEATHER : I respect so many rappers, but I can’t pick a special one. Sorry. Maybe I’m insensible.

TKL : But is there anybody you wish you could work with and release a song?

JUNWEATHER : I wanna make a track with Deepflow again.

TKL : Any future projects we should all look out for?

JUNWEATHER: Sure. I will release other mixtapes this year!

Be sure to check Junweather’s Instagram for more updates!


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