DayDay Debuts First EP Under AOMG

After DMTN, DayDay has been regularly seen joining Show Me The Money, trying his luck to get back into the spotlight through his raps. And after continouosly joining AOMG’s team during his stunts, fans have always speculated that he would end up with the label sooner or later.

Looks like it now!

Today, DayDay has dropped his first mini-album under AOMG’s management. “All Day Every Day” is made up of 6 tracks. The title track “나를 블로” also dropped today with a music video, that definitely speaks “AOMG” and has cameos from Los, Killahgramz, Has Swan, Kim Hyoeun and Ja Mezz. Check it out below!


  1. 엎어 (ft. Kim Hyoeun, DJ Wegun)
  2. Better Days (ft. G2, Elo, DJ Wegun)
  3. 나를 불러 (ft. Gray, Jay Park)
  4. No Tomorrow (ft. Lil Boi)
  5. 돼지 저금통 Remix (ft. Hash Swan, Shupie, Silly Boot, Y1ee)
  6. 울라 야해 (All Day Every Day)

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