SOTW : “Dates In LA”

Do you remember that “All I Wanna Do” cover by KRNFX a few months back? No? Well, you better watch it if you haven’t.

But we’re not going to talk about KRNFX. We’ll be talking about the guy singing with him, Justin Park.

Justin Park is a Korean-American RnB singer who was first known as a songwriter that some of your favorite KPOP acts has worked with. We personally discovered him through their Jay Park cover and thought, hey! He’s pretty good. Apparently, he’s pretty popular in the Asian American community in the USA, even ending up as front act for the Reddy and G2 show!

We dug up more about him and saw that he recently just dropped a single called “Dates In LA” (stylized as DILA). We rarely listen to Asian American RnB but we definitely loved this song! And it’s on repeat!

We love his voice tone, but most of all, the music. The music’s story is also interesting, what it feels to still be sprung over a girl you met in Korea, despite having a relationship in your hometown (This feels so personal! lol).

The song is made available for free download through Justin’s Soundcloud. Be on your toes, because he’s preparing for an album to drop this year! We’re excited to hear more from him.


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