Tablo Steps Down As HIGHGRND CEO, Concentrates on Epik High Comeback

This month marks the second year anniversary of HIGHGRND, an independent label under YG Entertainment housing independent and talented artists.

However, news yesterday came out that Tablo has stepped down as HIGHGRND’s CEO to concentrate on Epik High’s comeback album (source).

In May, Epik High has revealed that they have been preparing for a new album set to drop during the fall in South Korea. Not much details have been revealed but what is known is that, the album will be called “We’ve Done Something Wonderful”. Since they aim to drop it by fall, the expected concept is “sad and melancholic”. It’s revealed that the songs will touch people in their 30’s and 40’s.

If you check Epik High’s SNS, they have recently went overseas to finish some of their songs and have been spending much time in the studios. To concentrate more on the album, Tablo decided it be best to halt his CEO activities for HIGHGRND. There hasn’t been news yet who would step in the position, but it is assured that nothing in the label’s activities will be changed.

Currently, HIGHGRND is aiming to release material from all of their artists. Code Kunst, Hyukoh, The Black Skirts and Millic have all released albums this year. OFFONOFF is also set to release their first album “boy” on July 24th.

Idiotape, who just joined HIGHGRND this year has also released their new album “DYSTOPIA” and Is currently finishing their Europe tour.

Punchnello is currently competing in SMTM6 while Incredivle is expected to release material this year as well.

We hope Epik High finish their new album soon and bless us with their music. And we pray all the best for HIGHGRND!


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