K-INDIE : The KOXX is Back!

July 19. I’ve waited for so long for this. The KOXX IS BACK!

In 2015, the band released their album “The New Normal” and received much attention and recognition from both music critics and fans. After two years, The KOXX is back with their newest album “RED”, after much waiting and teasing. 


  1. #lol
  2. 부르튼 (Blister)
  3. 0
  4. Grey

The new “브로튼 (Blister)” music video also dropped today and shows a much more fun and colorful image while still maintaining that known music quality that is the KOXX. 

Before the album release, the KOXX’s Hyunsong and Shaun released a 4 Chords medley featuring some of 2017’s popular KPOP songs. Check it out and appreciate talent!

The KOXX will also be performing at Club FF tomorrow July 20, with the theme “Throwback”. They are expected to perform songs from their first EP “Enter” (which they held a showcase for at the same venue) and from their newest album, along with the new band, WETTER. Tickets are available at the venue!


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