Taking A Closer Look At Didi Han 

Truthfully, Korea’s DJ scene is definitely on the come up, with parties here and there, DJs being part of major show line up’s, to its clubs filling up every weekend. We’ve been paying close attention to one of Seoul’s driving forces to some of its best parties, Pute Deluxe. And we’ve been honored to have a little chat with one of its members, Didi Han.

Didi Han is becoming one of the popular names in the DJ scene, boasting mixsets of hiphop, R&B and more. She’s a usual at clubs in Seoul and recently just did a set for Nike’s F/W show. Let’s take a look at some of this woman’s inspirations and thoughts with these five fun questions!

TKL : What or who inspired you to be a DJ and why?

One of Nicholas Jaar’s mix set made me learn DJ-ing. I felt that the mixset was different from others. It feels like you’re watching a movie rather than just listening to music. So I decided to study DJ-ing.

TKL : What song do you usually listen to when you’re happy? When you’re sad?

I don’t have a particular song when I’m happy or sad. But when I want to be happy, I listen to The Strange Boys’ songs. They make me feel better. And sometimes, when I want to feel sad, I listen to Erik Satie’s music.

TKL : What was the most recent movie you’ve seen? Why did you like it?

I watched Mulholland Drive two days ago at my house, because the movie’s music director is Angelo Badalamenti (more info) . I wanted to hear his works. But the movie’s story was a little bit difficult. I’m going to watch it again soon. Anyway, the music was great.

TKL : What has been the most memorable event you played at and why?

It was my Boiler Room set, because it was all recorded. I don’t want my set to be old-fashioned after 10 years.

TKL : What can you tell other people who are struggling with their craft?

I don’t know. I just compare myself with my yesterday. Am I better than yesterday? Don’t get stressed too much. Don’t compare yourself with others. Just think about you!

You can follow Didi Han on her Instagram for more updates!


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